The FMCSA has made recent changes to HHG Consumer Protection Rules.
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Tariff Program​

The Tariff Program includes a complete interstate tariff, our estimating software, our Arbitration Program, and a BOC-3 filing, if you need it. Easily print Estimates or a Bill of Lading. Our DOT approved program is easy to use and affordable.

Buy now for $695 per year.

Price Calculating Software

The online software automatically calculates transportation rates based off your origin and destination zip codes and estimated weight.

Add details for a complete pack and unpack, add advanced charges, and print bills of lading and estimates.


Now included within the Tariff Package, our arbitration program is administered through National Arbitration and Mediation in New York. If you have to go to arbitration you want experienced people making decisions based on the regulations.

Get Your Tariff Published

The Tariff Program fulfills all your legal obligations to own and publish a tariff for interstate moves. We currently serve as the tariff publisher for hundreds of carriers across the United States. Questions? Reach out to us to get started.

BOC-3 Filing

If you do not yet have your BOC-3, we will file it for at no cost when you enroll in the Tariff Program. Order the tariff now to get your FMCSA requirements taken care of.

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